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Gugu Gumede From Uzalo “Mamlambo” Networth and Age in 2022

Mamlambo From Uzalo Gugu Gumede Networth and Age in 2022


Gugu Gumede From Uzalo “Mamlambo” Networth and Age in 2022

Gugu Gumede (born 10 December 1991) is a South African actress best known as Mamlambo from Uzalo. She captured the heart of many who viewed the show. The beautiful actress also made many viewers fall in love with not only her beauty but her personality. She hails from a family that has influenced her, her mother is a popular figure in politics. Gugu’s mother was active in freedom fighting. This article will give you the breakdown of Gugu Gumede Net Worth.

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Gugu Gumede is not married and is not a mother yet, she wears a personality on screen that is opposite her in reality. The actress is calm unlike her character in Uzalo who is loud-mouthed. She is a shy, calm, and reticent person. She only gets comfortable when her close friends are around.

Gugu Gumede Networth

Gugu Gumede’s Net Worth According to The Nation, The actress who plays Mamlambo on Uzalo has an estimated net worth of $600,000-$800,000. She has acquired so much from her acting profession.


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Full Name Gugu Gumede
Date of Birth 10 December 1991 (31 years old)
Gender Female
Occupation Actress
Nationality South African
Net Worth $600,000-$800,000

If you Google the current Gugu Gumede Net Worth according to Forbes, you will find info from different hosts that might confuse you. But within those search results, there are some recurring results you would find in the list.

According to Forbes, Gugu Gumede has over time built a strong fan base which has given her so much publicity not just in the country but even internationally, and she is also highly respected in the South African music industry. Her popularity has seen her win a series of awards and sign endorsement deals on daily basis.

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