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Njeza ‘Nkanyiso Makhanya’ Salary At Uzalo Revealed,Here Is How Much He Gets Paid

Njeza ‘Nkanyiso Makhanya’ Salary At Uzalo Revealed,Here Is How Much He Gets Paid


Njeza ‘Nkanyiso Makhanya’ Salary At Uzalo Revealed,Here Is How Much He Gets Paid

No doubt he has fast become the face of Uzalo of late, and his unmatched talent has thrust him into stardom. Nkanyiso Makhanya is a South African actor and television personality best known for his Craz-e role. However, currently, he is nailing it as on Mzansi’s most-watched drama series Uzalo.

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Njeza who appears on SABC 1’s drama series Uzalo, always takes many viewers by surprise every time he appears on the hit soapie. Njeza is played by an ambitious young man from KwaMashu in KwaZulu Natal, his name is Nkanyiso Makhanya and he has come along with.

Known to most as a child star, the actor is proving he is not a kid anymore. He is always in his element as he flawlessly pulls off his role “Njeza” in Uzalo.

Salaries: Njeza 'Nkanyiso Makhanya' salary at Uzalo leaked
Njeza ‘Nkanyiso Makhanya (Source Instagram)

The 28-year-old was born on 23 May 1993 in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Apart from acting, he doubles as a TV Presenter and MC. The actor holds a degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Zululand.

Many questions have been asked of late if his gig on Uzalo is his first small-screen gig? Well, the star actor has been heavily involved in the industry since he was young.

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Njeza 'Nkanyiso Makhanya (Source Instagram)
Njeza ‘Nkanyiso Makhanya (Source Instagram)

He first graced our screens when he was part of 1KZN TV as an intern. The actor mainly focused on production, from camera work to pre-production.

“I got to work behind the scenes before jumping on screen, which really taught me a lot about television,” said Nkanyiso Makhanya.

From being an intern to as present, in 2015, he secured a gig on  Craz-e. Two and half years down the line, the actor called it quits at Craz-e. However, in some of his interviews, the star actor has showered Craz-e with praises.

Njeza ‘Nkanyiso Makhanya’ salary at Uzalo leaked

A controversial video makes rounds on social media, leaving the impression that Nkanyiso is gay. Whether it is true or not, the actor is dating Duma Ntando’s older sister Thando. They have been booed up for five years now, and boy, are they cute!!

In 2018 he bagged a gig on Uzalo after he failed his first auditions in 2015. One would find it hard to believe that he once made all sorts of headlines when he was a child when featured in several plays until he was 9-years-old.

On Uzalo, he stars as a thuggish ex-con who happens to be a brother to Nonka and Mbuso. On the other hand, he is Lilly’s cousin and MaDongwe’s nephew. He once had an affair with Zekhethelo then won the heart of Nosipho.

Currently, his love story with Nosipho is trending, and the worst part of it is that the affair is marred with physical abuse. However, he had to run for dear life after Nosipho threatened to blow up his head.

Mzansi has been wondering how much the star actor makes from his Uzalo gig in the wake of his unmatched talent. Despite having several streams of income, the actor earns quite well at Uzalo, given that the salaries of actors are determined by variables such as experience and time on scenes. For his Njeza role, the star actor is paid a whopping R35 000 per month.



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